Discounts when ordering 2 or more units!

On-Site Measurement & Consulting


While most of our clients complete their orders directly on this website we understand special situations may require an on-site professional.

  • The cost is applied directly to your purchase when you decide to move forward with Installation. It does not apply to a delivery only request.
  • Once an on-site order is placed we contact you immediately to schedule an ideal time and date that fits your schedule

This On-site Sod Consultation will determine how much sod grass you need and what variety is best for your yard. In order to get an accurate estimate for the amount of sod you need, it's best to have one of our professionals come out to your home for a consultation. We will measure the area and take into account any slopes or other factors that could affect the amount of sod required. This on-site consultation will give you the most accurate estimate of how much sod you need to purchase. No guessing or trying to figure it out yourself, we'll take care of it all!